HYANNIS, MASS. May 22nd, 2024 — Savant Systems, Inc., a leader in smart home and smart power, has partnered with Kaleidescape, enabling integrators to deliver the ultimate home cinema experience to their clients. Kaleidescape’s movie platform, including Strato C movie players and Terra Prime movie servers, work within the Savant smart home ecosystem and are now available on the Savant Store. 

The Kaleidescape platform is the only digital provider of movies with lossless audio and full reference video quality. The Kaleidescape movie store offers thousands of 4K and HD titles, including movies, TV series, and concerts. High-bitrate 4K movies are downloaded from the Kaleidescape movie store to Terra Prime movie servers where they are stored locally and played back on one or more Strato C movie players throughout the home. 

Kaleidescape solutions now work in concert with the Savant smart home ecosystem. Users will enjoy intuitive navigation of Kaleidescape’s award-winning onscreen display from the Savant app and the Savant X2 Pro Remote, including effortless 1-button access to Kaleidescape with Savant Scenes—making it easy to set lighting, climate, and more for the most comfortable and enjoyable movie night experience. 

“Kaleidescape’s movie platform delivers an unparalleled home theater experience that is a valuable resource and opportunity for Savant integrators,” explained George Katsiris, VP of the Recommended Partners Program. “The integration of Kaleidescape within the Savant ecosystem furthers our commitment to providing dealers with access to a carefully curated group of home theater partner brands that also includes JBL Synthesis, Sony Projectors, and Megapixel. With premium home entertainment being one of the most requested features by smart home consumers, these recommended products work in conjunction with Savant’s best-in-class video tiling, user experience, and lighting solutions to elevate the home cinema experience for our customers.” 

“Kaleidescape and Savant’s smart home integration is an elegant solution that delivers an unmatched cinematic experience, taking home theater to a new level of luxury,” said Priscilla Morgan, COO, Kaleidescape. “When you combine Savant’s leading smart home capabilities with Kaleidescape’s ability to deliver lossless audio and full reference video on screen, movie night comes alive with a simple push of a button.” 

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About Savant: Headquartered in Massachusetts, Savant Systems, Inc., is a global leader in smart home, intelligent lighting and energy solutions for consumers, businesses, utility companies and more. Along with GE Lighting, a Savant company, and Savant Power, Savant Systems, Inc. offers the most diverse portfolio of DIY and professionally installed smart products available at 

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About Kaleidescape: Kaleidescape is the ultimate movie platform. Kaleidescape has been designing, manufacturing, and selling state-of-the-art movie players and servers for over 20 years. Kaleidescape digitally delivers movies with lossless audio and reference video. Headquartered in Silicon Valley, Kaleidescape builds its products in the USA. 

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