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Savant Installers are the best in the Business

Savant Smart Home professionals are independently-owned, local businesses with a mission to enhance your lifestyle with easy-to-use technology. They are trained and certified to create the perfect experience in your home with smart lighting, comfort and entertainment, built on a foundation of networking and smart power.

Savant Ambassadors are a select group of dealers that have been recognized for their commitment and knowledge across all key categories of the Savant smart home:

  • Personalized User Experience
  • Automated Lighting & Shades
  • Smart Energy & Climate
  • Audio & Video Distribution
  • Smart Speakers & Subwoofers

Savant Ambassadors are also recognized for their knowledge and support of the latest products and solutions from Savant, including exclusive access to cutting edge technology through their participation in our extensive beta program.

Savant Ambassadors receive the highest level of support from Savant through priority technical assistance.


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